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SBS or Torch on roofing

The BUR system is tried and true. It has been around longer than any of the other systems have. Providing it with a solid track record. The BURs high quality is largely due to its resiliency to erosion. Its ballast topping is effective in fighting off weather elements, such as providing reflection against hot sun rays. The BURs solid structure provides it further durability in a sense of puncture resistance. This makes it a good choice in high traffic areas. Such as buildings which require foot traffic for HVAC maintenance or common areas. A BUR system is composed of multiple membrane plies surfaced with a layer of aggregate. Each component is adhered together with bitumen asphalt, layer by layer. The membrane plies serve as the reinforcement. The aggregate protects from weather elements. While the asphalt glues the system together it also provides the waterproofing component. SBS is a close cousin of the BUR. It has been around long enough to stand the test of time. In addition, it is durable in a sense of puncture resistance. It can be installed in high traffic areas. For example, the SBS can be used on decks which are walkable terraces. But needs to be covered by, wood, pavers, stone, etc. As seen often on condominiums, apartments and office buildings. It is versatile as it can be installed in numerous ways. Unlike the BUR installation, it does not require the use of asphalt or gravel. Also, heavy equipment is not required, making the installation faster. There are different colours which can be used to achieve a certain look or solar reflectivity. The SBS system is generally composed of two membrane plies. The top ply is coated with aggregate granules. The system can be installed in three ways. It can be torched down (when economy is a concern), adhered with hot asphalt (when safety is a concern) or by way of peel and stick (when accessibility is a concern). The membrane plies provide reinforcement and elasticity. While the aggregate granules on top protect against weather elements..

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