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Singleply /tpo/pvc/epdm

TPO & PVC TPO and PVC share many of the same qualities. They are lightweight systems. Making them effective for roof replacement projects, in which the system is installed over top of an existing roof completely. Making the project more economical. Since they are lightweight, heavy machinery is not required for installation. Also, installation is less labour intensive. Making for high-speed application process. They are a good choice for major industrial buildings or retail plazas. These systems are built in-house and factory approved before application. Which means they face a better chance against defects than systems which are built on-site. TPO and PVC systems are built solely of inorganic material so they cannot be broken down by water. As well they are highly resistant to animal fats and solvents. That makes them a good choice to use on restaurant buildings, which exhaust that kind of thing. Due to the simplicity of their structure these systems are easy to maintain and track problems with. They are available in different colours to suit style or solar reflectivity.

 TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) A TPO system consists of three layers compounded into one ply. The layers are a composition of fabric and rubber necessary for reinforcement, flexibility and weldability. The materials used are not organic. This is so that it cannot be broken down by water. A TPO system can be mechanically fastened or fully adhered with adhesive.

 PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) A PVC system consists mainly of one vinyl ply. A PVC system can mechanically fasten, fully adhered with adhesive or loose laid with ballast. EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Terpolymer) EPDM is similar in characteristic to TPO and PVC systems and they are done almost the same. While PVC and TPO are hot air welded on seems EPDM is clued.An EPDM system consists mainly of one rubber ply. It can be adhered with adhesive or mechanically fastened. It can also be loose laid and weighted down with ballast.

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